Secrets of cheap airfare: use this simple 3-step process!

We all want to get a cheap airfare when we travel, however, most people have no idea how to get it. Even experienced travelers make mistakes when they travel that costs them money that they would not otherwise pay. This article reveals some of the secrets of cheap airfare. Simply follow this simple 3-step process the next time you travel.

Step 1 – Book your flight at least 1 month in advance and preferably before. Airlines must plan their flights in advance and will give you a better rate by allowing them time to plan ahead. Booking at least 1 month in advance, and preferably before, will also set the table for you to use step 3 "secret", which almost nobody plans to use.

Step 2 – Book your flight at a less convenient time outside the "bank hours between 8AM and 5PM. Everyone wants to fly at this time, and supply and demand increase prices. It will also compete against business flights, and companies They can write their flights are tax free, which makes them less price conscious. When you book your flight at an inconvenient time, you will go a long way to get a cheap airfare.

Step 3 – This is the secret step that most people never plan to use. It is responsible for millions of dollars in additional profits each year for airlines that would not otherwise earn. After booking your flight, continue to monitor the fare AFTER you buy your ticket. If it falls, contact the airline and ASK for a refund. They will refund the difference, but they will not do so unless you request it. This tip can be a great help in getting a cheap airfare.