What is included in a Disney vacation package?

Today, a Disney vacation package allows people, couples and families to enjoy everything that is offered at a resort on their grounds. It may include flight, accommodation, park tickets, a meal plan, golf reservations and even a car rental, although they offer free transportation around the complex and to and from the airport. More on that later. They have thought a lot about what people are really looking for when visiting their attractions and staying at their accommodation.

Your best option is to fly to the Orlando airport if you decide to "fly" to Florida. As it is an international airport, they have many flights inside and outside the United States. Any travel site or Disney.com will allow you to book flights as part of a Disney vacation package.

The selection of accommodation in Disney World is organized in four different levels: Value, Moderate, Deluxe and Deluxe Villa. Each hotel or cabin has a theme that runs through it. Everything, from the food to the decoration of the room, is influenced by the theme. Most of them have at least one group. Since some of the hotel grounds are so large, they have transportation services to take you to different parts.

Park tickets are probably the cheapest aspect of a Disney vacation package. This is interesting because you probably wouldn't stay at a Disney resort if you didn't want to go to the parks, but I'm sure they have a calculated methodology of why the tickets are such a small fraction of the total cost. You can get options like Park Hopper that allow you to enter and exit multiple parks in one day. An excellent feature if you travel with little ones who take naps or try to make more visits to the park in less days.

Meal plans are set to take away the burden of a food budget during your stay. You can get a couple of combinations of snacks (items under $ 5), fast service meals (cafeteria-style meals) and table service (seated meals). These plans make sense if you can eat all the food offered or if you have a fixed budget. Disney also has some world class golf courses on its grounds. You can add them to your meal plan by updating it and then keeping it within your budget.

Car rentals can also be added to your Disney vacation package or you can give up the car and use your "public" transportation. The Disney Magical Express is a bus trip to and from the airport. They will even pick up your luggage from the baggage claim and take it to your room. The same goes for your return flight, except that you will have to register your luggage yourself at the airport to comply with the TSA rules.