Holidays in Thailand: what makes them so special?

Thailand is the way to go, if one is looking for a vacation destination that offers something for everyone. Thailand, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, is rich in local and foreign cultures. From wonderful beaches to impressive religious sites and from large shopping centers to private resorts, Thailand offers almost everything!

The numerous attractions and charms that await people have ensured that tickets on cheap flights to Thailand are booked as soon as they are announced. There is much to see and experience in this wonderful country, and even the most experienced travelers will surely be encouraged on their vacation in Thailand. Despite the fact that millions travel to Thailand every year, the country has succeeded in retaining its quintessential identity with its own fantastic culture and history.

Get to know some of the best vacation places in the country that ensure that Thailand remains the center of tourism activity in the region.


Bangkok is the twinkling capital of Thailand that has been the main attraction for travelers taking flights to Thailand. Over time, Bangkok has become a very popular tourist destination that tempts tourists who want to spend an unforgettable moment. It would not be a mistake to say that most of the credit for the growing demand for flights to Thailand goes to the beautiful city of Bangkok!

The main tourist attractions in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, the temples of Bangkok (Wat Pho and Wat Aroon), the National Museum of Thailand and the Jim Thomson House. The city is also famous for its delicious food and wonderful shopping options (Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Lampraya Floating Market). Some of the cheapest hotels in Thailand can also be found in Bangkok.


Phuket is no less a tourist magnet, which attracts people from all over the world to look for airlines that offer cheaply priced tickets on flights to Thailand. Phuket is packed with stunning natural wonders that include temperate beaches and lush forests, which makes this beach resort overly popular with leisure travelers. Phuket as a tourist place is known mainly for its range of water activities such as water skiing, paragliding, windsurfing and boating. The marine life in Phuket is really tempting and attracts adventurers to put on a diving suit to explore its diverse kingdoms!

This does not mean that the attractions in Phuket are limited to water activities and that there is not much for sightseeing! Thai Village, Orchid Farm and Phuket Aquarium are some options that people can visit while sightseeing in Phuket.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a mirror of glorious Thai dynasties. This metropolis has effectively emerged as the incredible amalgam of Thailand's rich history and traditions. Chiang Mai is prolific with excellent hotels, resorts and spas, the best Buddhist temples, active nightlife and friendly inhabitants.

Trekking, elephant rides, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing expeditions and a myriad of other adventure activities make Chiang Mai a success among lone travelers and backpackers who book cheap flights to Thailand. One can immerse oneself in the Buddhist culture, relaxing massages and meditation and learn to cook Thai cuisine in the city's cooking schools, some of the activities for the tranquility of the mind and soul.


Pattaya is another popular place for vacationers. Particularly famous among the young crowd for its nightlife, Pattaya is conveniently accessible from Bangkok and, therefore, traveling to the city is absolutely easy. Pattaya's sun-drenched beaches are great attractions for travelers, as are the range of sports and adventure activities that it boasts. There is surely no shortage of entertainment options for people in Pattaya.