How to find cheap flights in South Africa

If you travel to South Africa and need to find a cheap flight within South Africa, it is easy if you follow some basic rules. It is quite crowded between the big cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, so flights are booked very quickly, so it is better to check all the low-cost airlines that serve these destinations.

Here are some tips to get a cheap flight within South Africa and still find a seat:

1. The best way to get a cheap flight to Cape Town or Johannesburg is to research and review all the sites that allow you to make a reservation. There is no single way to get the best price all the time: the only way to get cheap air flights is to make sure you check as many sites as possible.

2. Basically, there are three types of airfare websites that you can check for the lowest airfare.

· Aggregators They check the air fares of many different airlines, but I have noticed that the prices of these websites are usually higher than the airlines' own websites, since they only assigned a certain number of seats.

· Traditional reserve engines They check several websites and charge a small fee in addition to the flight price. They process the sale on behalf of the airline and maintain the rate.

· Own airline websites – They usually offer the cheapest air fares, but it makes sense to check the other websites for an indication of what you should pay.

3. If you can try not to travel on a Monday or Friday, these are usually the busiest times and when most business people travel. These are some of the airlines you should check when flying within South Africa.

4. Always specify that you want the lowest fare available: the websites give you the option to search for a few days, which increases the possibility of a cheaper available flight.

5. If you see a great offer, reserve it immediately: flight prices are based on demand and supply, so, the more likely, the faster the flight is filled, the greater the chances of prices increase.

6. Consider also the cancellation fees: the cheaper the flight, the less likely you are to get a refund if you miss your flight, as well as pay a surcharge if you need to change your flight.

Happy journey