Cheap car rental: tips on how to get a good deal on your next rental

If for any reason you need a rental car, you may be worried about the price. Car rental companies like to do everything possible to try to get as much money as possible from customers. As long as you are careful, you will not fall for any of the tricks. Getting cheap car rentals is not a difficult process, no matter where you want to rent one.

Here are some tips to save money on car rental:

Don't let them convince you to pay in advance for gas

Depending on your travel plans and how much you plan to drive, it may be less expensive to buy gas at a service station. At least you can choose which service station you will stop at. Just make sure the fuel is at the same level it started when you return it.

Avoid airport rentals

Unless you have to leave the airport driving a car yourself, it is better to rent one outside the airport facilities. Finding cheap car rentals at airports is unlikely. Even if you have to pay a taxi fare for transportation between the airport and the rental facilities, that taxi fare will pay for itself in one day from the money you saved on renting a car outside the airport.

Consider not adding GPS tracking to your order

If you already have Siri or Google Maps, there is no need to pay the rental company for the GPS service. You will save at least $ 5 per day. There is a possibility that they are outdated anyway.

You do not have to book directly through the company; consider other options

Sometimes, you must turn to a third party that specializes in discounted trips, as the rental agencies themselves will not announce their cheapest rates on their websites. Some discounted travel sites still respect the reward programs that you would normally use with a particular company. In addition, you can find a great deal on a complete vacation package that includes car rental in addition to the hotel room and airfare.

Compare rates and offers from multiple rental companies

Look beyond the known brands and you could find a better offer. Less well-known companies may offer lower rates because they have lower operating costs. Use an online shopping comparison tool to view all available vehicles from a wide range of companies on the dates you plan to travel.

Watch for special promotional codes and online coupons as well. New offers appear all the time to help shoppers find cheap car rentals.

So where can you find the best deals? Online. Coupon codes can be entered during the payment process. Simply enter the dates and place for which you will need to rent a vehicle. Compare all the best cheap car rental offers.